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Sprockets Podcast


it's simple really, two nice guys, trying to make the world or Portland Oregon better one Podcast at a time. Bike Focused but really they talk about anything. These two are the best and they do great live shows. 

Transit Sleuth

Adron Hall is a diligent student of all things transit. He covers Portland to Seattle but really the North West is his interest. I love his factual based reporting and dedication. He blogs and makes videos and is an all around nice guy to have on the bus with you. His interest cover bus, train, light rail, bikes and just about everything else that get's you around. 



Bike Portland

What can you say about Bike Portland. It's a hell of a blog and your city would be lucky to have a guy like Jonathan Maus advocating for a better city. To Jonathan is to like him, he is a straight shooter and a rarity in that he is a strong advocate with balanced view. He convinces others, he helps knit together the Portland biking community and he is about building something better.  He doesn't do it all alone he has some good helpers at his side and there are articles of road safety and development.

Trimet Diaries

Meet Dave. 

Trimet rider and observer and all around guy about town. He brings a different view to things and has at least one other blog I know about Dave Knows Portland I have been following this guy for some time and I like his work. Check it out for some offbeat transit observations. 

Rantings of a Former Trimet Bus Driver


Al Margulies has been a powerful advocate for Transit and a Thorn in the side of Trimet management. He is a take no prisoners radical who can be quick to take up a position on the extreme but when discussion follows he will moderate his stance. Here is the deal, I like Al, I'm in no way like Al but I like Al, I'm glad he's there to throw the bombs and man the barricades. Here is something else about Al if you are a bus operator and you are wrongly accused, he is the first one to be there at your side. When I ran afoul of the media machine he was the first person to call me. He called me every day for updates. Al is the guy you want on your side. Thanks Al I won't forget that you were there for me... ever!

Portland Transit Lane by Lane Jensen

Good old Portland Transit Lane or PTL it's gone now but Lane is still around. Lane Jensen is another thorn in the side of Trimet management. He can go to far, I think he would admit that, but he does mean well. He is at his best when he digs up facts and takes on the Transit board members head on. He does well when he goes after the management at Trimet. Fighting this battle he is at his best.  I hope He step up and starts speaking his mind again. He should be heard. I don't agree with all he does but he should be heard. 


From the Driver Side

Meet The Deacon In Blue, He's a bus driver for Tri-Met just like me and he writes a dang good blog. He has been at it some time now and it's defiantly worth a read if you are into the bus driving scene. 

Usually I'm a bit shifty about people who blog without posting their image. He is an exception what he says is true blue and his observatoins will give you insight as to what we face behind the seat.