Photos of the Week.

1. AM "One my way to work, a little morning rain and overcast" 

2: Noon: "At Powell Garage" Ok is it me or does it seem strange that a transit agency can't put the Id badge reader on the right side of the road? The far right gate opens. So drivers have to come in, switch to the oncoming lane, then zig zag to the right to get in. Who designed this?

3: After Noon: "Powell Pie!" Thank you Herb for the pie. Everyone loves Pie... or they should. 

3: PM "Gresham" The rainbow gods shine on my bus. No gold found. 

4: Afternoon: "The Accident" Yes! See that little black smudge... yeah that little smudge next to the rear lights? That's how much damage a truck that hit my bus did... You wanna know how much paper work this causes? Lucky for me I was sitting at a stop. 

5: Late Afternoon: So this guy is laying there and I can't see him breathing. There is also leaking red fluid. I shake him awake, Thank god he was just sleeping. The red fluid is juice but it gave me a freight. He went right back to sleeping. 

6: WAY PM: "Good night Powell Garage, sleep well."