Time For Transit Pic Wednesday: "The Curbiot"

Sorry no pics of the week because I'm off this week so I'm going to dig deep in the archives and bring out some a little thing I tag with the phrase Curbiots.. What is a Curbiot? you ask. 

A Curbiot is a person who sits on a curb, day or night with there legs sticking into the road. Right where the 15 ton bus has to go. Or someone who has a child step off the curb in front of a bus. 

The Following is all related to the Curbiot. 

Before you think I'm being harsh let's step back and see if any other form of transit allows this? Are people line up along a runway of an airport with their legs in the landing path? Can you go sit with your legs over the train tracks at the train station? How about sit on the edge of the dock when a cruise ship is coming in? Nope, none of that is allowed but for buses, because you see them more, you assume they are safe. 

So Let's explore the Curbiot. 

Now I know what you are thinking... hey Curbiot there is a Bench 9' behind you. You would think that the Curbiot would see that bunch but now. Right there is just fine for the Curbiot. Why would a Curbiot care about a 15 ton bus when that book is just getting to the good part. 

See I even took a snap of the bench... no one is on it, the Curbiot is unfazed. 

Look! these people are not using the benches but they used their brain. They are not Curbiots. 

Look right about where the Curbiot is sitting... Shouldn't this be a warning? So lets have a snap test. 1. This was caused by the soft erosion of curbiot butts? or 2. Busses did this. It's 2, and all over town you can look at curbs at bus stops and see the effect of driver error... yeah that's right where the Curbiot sits.

Some times it's not the close curb it's the far curb. Hey is there really any better place to change your tire? Right here in a busy transit center. That's where you should work on that bike, oh and sit down. A Curbiot triple play. 

Yeah... I... This is what happen when society protects people from the effect of stupid. Yeah dude that's where you wait for the train. 

This shot I'm not driving but look at this child. LOOK! are the parents on cell phone and looking at one another as the bus pulls up? yup. You know what that child did? Ran at the front of the bus and fell off the curb POW! face first right under where the tire would go. Luck the driver predicted this outcome and stopped in the road. 

Another Transit Center Curbiot. I laughed so hard when I drove by him inches from crushing the life out of him. I think he figured it out after I snapped the photo. 

Even in day light the Curbiot can be hiding. See how he blends in with the fence. You think Einstein did this? You think Stephen Hawking rolls his wheelchair in the way of busses? No? Strange right? Smart people don't do this. 

Ok the above sign has nothing to do with being a Curbiot. It's a stark reminder that driving is life and death work. I say this every time I get behind the wheel. It's a reminder that roads can cause the loss of a life. 

All life is precious... don't be a Curbiot.