Trimet Transit Terms Tuesday: P-Gates.

Yo my Transit Peeps, this is your big daddy of the transit way here to tell you about how the game is played and the word we use when your back is turned. Listen up so you don't get burned. 

Some may think that we here at Trimet don't have a sense of humor, but that is not true at all. One of the recent laughs we had was when advanced design like our wonderful, and expensive, new bridge called the Tilikum Crossing had to deal with with the practical reality of average, every day bus operators. 

One of the issues that came up was how to evacuate people out of the busses that are on the bridge. This would come in handy in an earthquake...

Giant Kaiju attack on the bridge. 

Since it's a bridge the busses share with the Max train and Portland Streetcar you could always get stuck on the bridge due to breakdowns. 

For all these reasons if you are ever stuck on the bridge they thought it might be good if we had a way to evacuate people out of the "transit way" to the side walks. 

P-GATE to the rescue!.

They build in exit paths to take passengers from the transit path to the pedestrian path. This is guarded by the P-Gate, a locked gate that with any luck will prevent people front climbing onto the tracks or transit way. 

It's called a P-Gate

Not emergency exit gate.

Not evacuation gate.

Not transit gate

It's a P-gate and why is this?

Go on guess?

It's because to unlock it we use our bathroom key. That's right our Pee Key. The key every driver has and worships.  A simple solution that is already solved by the fact that we all have "P-Keys"

So if you are ever stuck on the bridge by a broke down train during an earthquake caused by a giant monstrous Kaiju attacking you will know. "Hey the driver is taking us to the Pee Gate... sorry P-Gate. 

That's how Trimet Do. 

That's it for this week. Something easy to swallow that ain't all that hallow. 

Come back next week for a little Transit Terms Shake and Bake. 

Until Then Roll Fast, Roll Slow, Look out Portland Here  WE GO!