Photo's of The Week!

Thanks to a fast acting passenger I was able to get this pic. I was pulling out of Clackamas down center when this image greeted my early evening commuters. It was a spire of light coming form the sun. I think if it were a thousand years ago not a Virgin would be left alive. Thanks to Tom White for the pic and fast Email. Never seen anything like it. 

How about a little back in the day busses. If you look midway down the line you will see the front bumpers have these black rubber blisters on the front. Those were filled with water and capped. In an collision the cap would pop out and the water went every place. Not sure how they work but they were a standard for a long time at Trimet. 

A perfect example of what we used to call the "Orange Limo" back in high school. Don't know how many hours i spent in those old 500 but it was substantial. Long gone now but still remembered. 

Somewhere along the line someone decided that Orange was not a good color for busses. So they switched to white with fancy Orange Umber and Brown accent stripe. Who ever picked those colors should have their head examined. Oh by the way this is the old mall.... dig it. 

Max train sneaking up on you. 

That's what I call a Gotcha moment. 

before you ask why my bus is late.... 20 Minutes to un-Jackknife this idiot. He kept turning until the cab cut into the container. It was a great example of what can go wrong when you U-turn in the middle of an intersection. 

Somedays you see the strangest things. This guy just sets up on the side of the road and lets rip. Gotta love that. 

Look old articulated, They were awful. Sure Trimet got them for a deal from a Communist country. That's right high quality communist craftsmanship, known world wide. Did I mention the Seattle got theirs from West Germany... what one do you think were better? go on guess! 

I went back to talk to the Mechanics and I saw this! The new bus engine for our flying busses. Wait.... is it April first yet?