Tri-Met Transit Terms Tuesday "The Tripper"


Well buckle up pilgrims cus it’s time for Tri-Met Transit Terms Tuesday where we round up all the doggies for branding… By doggies we mean terms and by branding we mean definitions. So slap leather and draw your smoke wagons for another wild ride on the TTTT express.

If yuz  ever find y’er self paramulatin with a coupla bus wrangler you are bound to hear the term “Tripper” come up in polite discourse. The question this week is, what do it mean? Well pardner  Imma gonna tellya, So sit back and Re-lax have a sip of blackslap and let me, Dan the “cowboy’ bus driver guide ya.

So a tripper,  well It ain’t any feller packed for a long travel

and it ain’t any dude about to fall on their face, though that would be good fer most dudes.

and it ain’t that beef headed dandy from the 60’s who thought that the secrets to life was packed into a LSD when we know it’s out here on the prairie.

No! that's not it atall,  the brand “Tripper” means a bus that usually only runs one way and only during a peak time.

So if you had a bus that say went from pumpkinville to Alamogordo and back. The tripper would only, usually go from Pumpkinville to Alamogordo.  It would run during morning rush hour and probably another one in the afternoon rush hour.

See pardner the problem is when bus demand is high it’s not even in all directions. Like a wash out that fills with water when it rains it all flows one way. So no use have’n a bus do a round trip! half your busses would be nearly empty.

I know, I know thar are some exceptions, don’t get ye’r britches in a bunch. Some short runs may include a round trip in their tripper. Some trippers go one way, then go out of service and ride like the wind back to the start and do another trip one way. When it comes to trippers the rules ain’t rightly fixed if you get my mean’n but I think you got the bark on the tree.

Well thar ye go, yuz got the full measure all kit and cadoodle fill up yer head. 

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