Photos of the Week Wednesdays "The Ground Profound"

While searching my photo library I could not help but to notice that I have a thing for the Ground. You know the ground we all overlook as we go about in our daily life. For some reason that has got me transfixed and I end up with lot's of pics of the ground I don't really remember taking. So here it is this weeks Photos. 

This curb did not just happen. This was done by a bus or busses over time. You would think that looking down and seeing this people would stand back when the bus pulls up... You would think but you would be wrong. 


Ok not the ground to be sure but let me ask you this? WHO PUTS A LIGHT POLL IN A BUS YARD! Shouldn't that person also get a preventative accident or PA against their record every time a bus hits it? I mean this is like laying a bear trap on a side walk then blaming the pedestrians when they get a broken leg. 

I love the Max stop on 82nd. These long steps have seen a lot of traffic. I can remember this day because it's the day I got sick while driving and threw up outside the window of my moving bus. 

The Table at the North Terminal break room. Not "the Ground" but close. It's been used so much it's breakdown slowly. That takes many many lunches give a wood table a texture like that. 

Leaf stains and textures fought it out in this pic. They just came by and cleaned up the leaves and this is all that remained. 

Oh bus stops you never disappoint. Here we see a little bit of everything humans are about. Money, Cigs, Gum, Soda, oil stains, it's all here. 

Mop the floors with dirty water and you really don't do much do you. This felt like walking on sand because it was dirt from every other bus that mop had washed. This doesn't happen that much, Our yard crew keeps the busses tip top but this is what happens when someone slacks off

One of my earliest photos for my bus blog. I was just about to take a pic of the ground here when a passenger in a car tossed a chicken tender out the window. This crow swooped down and had himself the big score for his day. Crow Eating Chicken. 

Don't remember anything about this. Love the texture here. 

What makes a texture even more awesome. Try a bit of rain and a bright bright sun. This turned this normal looking ground into something great. 

Ok they don't all end out great. This one just didn't work

This one did work out. Just one of those things that happened right in front of me. Guy kicks cap and a minute or two later I snap this. 

Well That's all for this week. 

You stay crazy my beloved readers. 

And Roll Easy.