Trimet Transit Terms Tuesday #5 "The Pouch"

"Without My Pouch I am Nothing"   Old Marine Corp Saying... maybe I'm wrong here but what the heck. 

Welcome to episode #5 of the almost unpronounceable Trimet Transit Terms Tuesday. That's right sweet riders and late night drivers we are here to give you the inside skinny on everything Transit.  So sit back relax and lets us fill your brain with knowledge. Hey if you already know this read on any way cause we are going to have some fun. 

Before you get to drive one of these

You are going to need a pouch. 

Wait not a Kangaroo pouch. That kind of pouch is not something you would like to carry around. Imagine a gym shirt you could never remove... That's what the inside of Kangaroo pouch is like. 

Pouches are kept by station Agents and handed out to drivers as you sign in. 

The pouch stays with the bus all day. 

In the pouch is all the things you may need. 

  • Your schedule... called a paddle. 
  • Your maps for your routes. 
  • Information on your route like blocked road or reroutes
  • You also have an accident package. 
  • You have other things like different work cards for repairs 
  • You have lost and found cards
  • An extra roll of paper for the ticket machine.
  • Keys for bathrooms at special locations

Most importantly it has your trip sheet, The proof you did your work that day. It has an inspection checklist, sign in, bus # you will drive and end time. There are extra slots for other drivers after you to sign in incase you are handing the bus off on a road relief. Hey road relief we talked about that before, remember! it's all coming together. 

Well thats it for today.

Not too fancy, not to dancy just a little know juice about the pouch. 

Ok that's all I can do on this day. I'm sick as a dog and will be back another time for some transit fun. 

Check you all down the road... and don't forget to Roll Easy