Put Your Hatches In the Air! Like You Just Don't Care!

The REB Salute to broke down busses!

If you have to breakdown on a hot day, do it in the shade.

"Why am I late" you ask? Because deep under the city is a secret resort for bus drivers. I was down there shooting some craps when I realized I was 30 minutes late! Using our secret bus driver only tunnels I was able to sneak back to the surface and here I am... That or I broke down. You pick.  


Well here is the upside when your bus overheats... You make good shade for those waiting for trains. 

It's time for the BIG BLOWOUT!, When you overheat they come clean your radiator for free. IT's awesome!. 

If I could only tap those power lines... wait this is a diesel 

Nothing makes your heart sink like taking over a run and finding the bus already overheated. Booo! This bus din't have air conditioning either... don't worry it was just the hottest day of the year and I had to drive it all day with complaining people... All in a days work.