“...somedays are like that” What I see from the driver’s seat.

This Monday finds me in a poor mood, I know I’m not the only one out there feeling blue on a Monday. I know many of you feel blue on a Monday because I see your faces when I pick you up. Somedays it’s hard to look for the good, to find what’s human in others by their own actions. Somedays it seems that everyone acts in their most negative lights feeding the biases and misconceptions of others. Some days are like that. 

Some days it’s personal stuff crowding into your work or commuter life. Bills, promises unkept, what’s broken and needs fixing, what’s undone what needs to be done, kids, family much of this is good things but when added together the weight can get us down. I know I’m not the only one I see that in your faces as well when I pick you up. Somedays it feels like the accumulative weight of the world is pinning us down, holding us fast. Some days are like that. 

Some days we see the world and the problems. The troubles and wars and the grim grip of the abyss trying to strangle out the light of knowledge. Somedays we see how hard it is to build and to make and how easy it is for those with no ideas and with no ideals to just destroy what has taken far longer to make. Somedays we see how precious are the delicate threads of understanding and peace and savage are the blows that fall upon those threads. I know you see this too, I see that weight in your eyes, I see you looking at your newspaper and then looking way for salvation in the night passing by my bus. Some days are like that. 

Some days it’s the weight of others, not their actions to one another but their destructive acts towards themselves that you see. You see it even if you do not want too, even when you try to look away, to talk to the person in the seat next to you. You see those who know better but seem so powerless to choose another way. Some days they get you down, I know they do because I see your faces while we are driving. Some days it is just all too much and there is nothing that can be done… some days are like that. 

Some days the weather beats you down, Relentless cold always there, driving rains with fat drops of ice cold water seeming to target any gap you leave unattended. You suffer through driving winds, you struggle with snow and ice. It just seems so crazy that you have to put up with all this just to crowd onto a bus to get home, go to school, go to work, see a friend. I can see you think, “Is this all worth it, do I need to go to the store?” I know you are thinking this because I can see it on your faces at the stops, I can hear it in your sighs when you climb aboard and see every seat is taken, Some days are like that too. 

Some days it’s all to heavy, all of the above just piles on. I fight back with a smile, and kind word but I feel like I’m tossing sand in the Ocean. Somedays it’s too much for me to fix with kind words. Some days I feel everything that is going on in the bus. Somedays you can see that on my face as well. We are all the same in our little bus lifeboat. Fragile, broken, lost, fallen, found, upset, angry, uncomfortable, in pain. It doesn’t matter if you are the driver or the driven. If you are a payer or a skater slipping in on a bluff. We are all the same humans with all that entails. Sometimeswe are good, sometimes we are happy and on some Mondays we are down, sometimes all the way down. some days are very much like that. 

What a strange world our world is, that in it, such actors as we, fight alone together side by side.