It's TImes For Tri-Met Transit Terms Tuesday. Issue #1 the “Dwarf Signal”

That’s right everyone's favorite day! A day for learning all those high faluting, or in my case moderate to low faluting, transit terms used but both Bus and Trains right here in Portland Oregon.

Today for Issue #1 we are going over to the train side of things and we are going to talk about our little buddy the “Dwarf Signal”

Where Are Dwarf Signals Used?: They are two parts to our train system divided by the type of signals they use. There is Preempted, this usually is running on or along a road in a guarded area. You see this downtown mostly. The second part of the rail system is more like the American Train system. It’s called ABS for Automatic block signal… NO don’t fall asleep yet keep reading. Dwarf Signals are used in ABS territory.

When are Dwarf Signals Used?: A Dwarf Signal is that signal facing backwards on the track. So if all the trains go left to right. It will be on the left end facing right. It’s used just before you get to a mainline power switch.

Why Are Dwarf Signals Used?: A Dwarf Signal is used only for operators going reverse on a track or the wrong way. Sometimes they have to do this when one track in damaged or blocked. The Dwarf Signal lights up and tells you to check the power switches just before you get to them.

Memorize this!: To become a Max train operator you must memorize this saying verbatim “The Dwarf Signal Protects mainline powers switches while running reverse in ABS territory” (I could have said it wrong it’s only been 7 years)  Anyway memorize that or something like that and you can operate a Train as well. Fail, and it’s back to bus for you.

There... Your brain has just been blown. 

Roll Easy... unless I see you first