The Suboptimal Life Of A Bus Driver.

Here is a little slice of life of what it's like to be a bus driver. 

After two hours of driving in the dark and rain and heavy commuter rushhour I am allowed an entire 6 entire minutes for a break. So here is how I spend my luxurious 6 minutes. 

ready... Start the timer. 

Secure my bus, leave bus unlocked with door open so I have to pack up my pack and the driver pouch to take with me because if the pouch gets stolen it's my fault. So paddle (Schedule) and everything else back in the pouch and I start my run. 

Oops no, there is a person asking for direction. Because I'm in uniform I have to top and answer there questions about another bus as my bladder tries to squeeze out my ear.

Ok done now cross the Safeway parking lot.. why you ask? because that's where the bathroom is. I cross the parking lot, go into the safety, go to the public restrooms, back pack on and pouch in hands while I hope it is clean enough to use. 

Once done I wash up and stop by to pick up a noodle tray. It's pre made and waiting so I grab a water and I'm out in record time. 

I stop, rip open the top and bolt the noodle down as high speed using a garbage can for a dining table. Eat half but then I'm out of time. I chuck the noodles and cross the parking lot, 

Unpack my driver pouch so I can reach what I need. Log back in and start bus. I do a sweep of the bus for anything out of the ordinary then stow my pack. 

Hope in my seat and I'm 4 Minutes late for leaving. This means there are 4 minutes more people on my bus from one side of Portland to the other. Odds of me being onetime at the other end of the run? Limited because I'm starting 4 Minutes in the hole. 

That's how Trimet Do.