Photo Wednesday: pics about life of a bus driver

Hey Pam... I hope you're out there. Just so you know it's still there under there 205 freeway at Powell. May you live longer than your graffiti. 

Yes it was just sitting there at the bus stop. I bought this issue in 1991. OMNI was one of the best magazines of it's time. By 1991 though it had faded, still what are the odds?

Sometimes on the way to work you have to stop and snap a photo of what you pass every day but never notice. I love this door. 

When I first started driving this bus I would pick up this guy every Sunday morning. Well 9 years later and we are still friends. Always good to have him aboard. 

On the hottest day of the year there are good and bad places to break down... This is a good one. 

Ready to write down ideas for my next blog post as drivers talk and complain. 

Monday Monday... so good to me. Monday evening driving was all it could be. 

Temporary break room with padlock on the outside... so while you are inside people can A: lock you in or B: just walk in and start talking to you. 

7-11 the donut shop of the 2000 teens. Safest I felt all day.