A Year In Sleepers.

Ok over the last year or so I've been keeping a record of sleepers on my bus. 


Not to be malicious but because when I try to wake them I'm often all alone at the end of my line. Before I call for police I will always try to wake someone up. Because these people often lash out, I take a pic for my own protection incase something happens. I also write down a description and hide my phone. Now if anything happens they can find an photo and description. It's not a part of the job I love, so I always take precautions. 

This guy lashed out and almost tackled me. He was also viciously angry with me that I woke him up. 

Just a regular guy on his way home. 

The rare double I don't know if these two knew each other but they sure like my driving.


Taken from outside the bus as the Police arrived. 

The double brothers. The party night was over for these two. I got them awake and off the bus before the police game. 

When I went to take this picture she started to scream with her head down, This made me jump back and snap! my camera went off. Thought she was going demonic on me. 

Repeat Offender, This is like the third time this guy has slept it off on my bus. 

Woke this one up myself and dropped him off on my way back to the garage. 

This guy freaked out a little but was ok once he collected his wits. 

You want to know something, I fell asleep on this bus as well. When I looked up... well lets say I would like to tell you that was all her drink... some of it she had already drank... thank about it. 

Felt sorry for this guy, He had made it off my bus. when I came back an hour latter I found him here. I did manage to get him some help. 

5 way, that's right the grandaddy record. See if you can find them. 

So we do this run for the Portland Timber Soccer Club. We drive people to the game then back. In-between time drivers grab a little shut eye. This driver is showing you how it's done. 

Me... I can't sleep on a bus, but give me a hard locker and a good lock and I'm down for the count.