Bacon, Zoe

I've known Zoe since 198--mumble mumble mumble, She is a natural artist who is that rare cross between imagination and determination. She works in Glass, Metal and wood, she can do everything from fabrication to welding, From Installations to Carpentry. If you are in the mood for a little signature art piece give her a call and say Dan Christensen sent you. She does all sorts of project for all sorts of prices. 


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Castello, Dennis

Dennis has been a long time friend and a great collaborator. Creative and artistic he has a way of always adding to a project. He's the kind of person that needs little to no direction, you just give him a hint and he hits the ball out of the park. He works in production in Hollywood. 

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Serrano, Ugo

Meet Ugo modern day eccentric artist and man of many passions. Though I have not seen him in a few years I can never forget him. He is a creative savant and when he gets fired up about a subject you can just hold on because he is going blow you away. Visit his web page and be blown away. 


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Thomas, Vrin

Vrin is a creative powerhouse. I've seen him do everything from models of restaurants, to design neighborhoods in China, I've seen him build wonderful things out of metal. A history nut we once teamed up on a medieval podcast called Lions Road... Fun beyond words. His sketches are freaking awesome and he has a way of taking a little input and making something amazing. From medieval armor to movie props this guy has the tallent.


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