New York Blog Academy Article

t's hard to believe that it was March 2009 when Charlie Oliver printed this article about me. She got it. She understood that what I was doing with my then named "Tri-Met Confidential" blog was not about graphics, not about fancy lay outs, Hell it wasn't even about spell checking. She got this, She understood it was all about the story and the raw feeling. That was a while ago and I've kept in touch with her in social media where, to my surprise, we have determined that we are twins separated by at birth. Don't ask how it happened. 


Charlie Oliver is now CEO Served Fresh Media

Scott Myers From "Go Into The Story" Script writing blog. 

December 11th 2010

"So I had been planning on post something on the value of public transportation and storytelling when — synchronicity! — @angelashelton Tweets me this link.  It’s a blog called Trimet Confidential and it’s hosted by a gregarious fellow by the name of Dan Christenson who, as it happens, is a bus driver in Portland, Oregon (a city I’ve never visited, but from everything I hear, I’m certain I’d absolutely love it).  The link from Angela is a post from Dan about a particular day-in-the-life experience he had on the bus.  I’ve taken the liberty of posting it in its entirety because… well, it’s an entertaining story:" This blog is still going strong.