For years I have designed, made, played and ran games of all kinds. usually my goal has been to entertain. I have decided to put my game skills to use building games that enlighten, educate and challenge the mind. Though I plan to make them as entertaining as possible, pure E (Entertainment) is not my goal. I want to bring new ideas to gaming and really make something that matters. 

  ---Dan Christensen

Game 1:        First Test: Roles and roles Seattle.     Date: July 2016

Written On The Wall---

This game is a real challenge. I'm no artist but this game is an art based game. The set up is simple, player teams compete to solve a mystery a mystery written on cave paintings. The cave paintings are really posters to simulate the paintings. This pictographic story gives clues as to the fate of an ancient people long gone. Each page is made up of many stories. 

Player Jobs

  1. Determine order of the story pages.
  2. Determine the meaning of images.
  3. Determine the entire story.