D. Castello    Code Name: Big D.    Quote "That was yesterdays problem! This is todays! Problem!" 

He works in hollywood and is a creative powerhouse when it comes to game design. He is also one of those people you can throw a problem at and he will comeback with 10 times more than you thought possible. He is a great problem solver and is someone you always want either helping you run, or you want him playing because he never stops. 

A. Tavakoli    Code Name: Persian Kermit     Quote "I have a theory for that" 

Tava is one of those who after gaming in the developing Cascade style embraced it with fully. Instantly he was throwing things together that pushed our ideas of what a game could be. He understood things like how to fit a long game into a short time slot that we all learned from. He has been MIA of late, but no record of the Cascade Game style would be complete without him.

T. Worrell   Code Name: Todd Monsta   Quote "This is the worse thing I have ever seen done to a player... but I like it" 

Todd is the bomb. Full stop, there you go. He is a great player and a keen observer of game styles and methods. Like the other three above he is a great person to bounce ideas off of and I can’t imagine working without him. Todd was the first to develop the name Cascade Style Gaming after late night car ride where we were talking about what we saw in games.

D. Christensen   Code Name: Ben Mardukas   Quote "No way! I like that Idea more." 

Me... I'm a dork.