Who Is Dan Christensen?


I was born in Portland Oregon USA. For those of you who are not familiar with the United States that's located right up on the left side of the map tucked under Canada. Not about halfway between California and Canada. I was born back in 1964 and that makes me 50+ I know that makes me an old guy but I think I still have a few good things to say. 

I went ahead and lived and visit many other places in my time. Europe, Australia just to name a few but here I m living back in Oregon and I think I'm not moving from here. I'm a lifer, I've watched many a dear friend pack up and move on from the pacific NW but I'm here to stay I think. That may mean Portland but I will stay here about. 

So who am I? 

To put it simply, I'm no one special. I have no super talents or abilities. I have no gifts or super powers either mental of physical. If anything I'm a tribute to the concept that inside all of us is a story. I've gotten good, not great but good, at extracting stories from what I've seen or what I believe. 

I wish there was more to me. I'm a father, a spouse, a grandfather... yes a grand farther. I am a person of my environment. Being born and raised in the NW I feels it's impact on almost every aspect of my life. I'm of here. 




Portland, Oregon  USA

Public Speaker



Story Teller


Bus Driver



Game Designer